Renew and Rebirth

Today is the Spring Equinox. The official start of spring, no matter the weather. The spring equinox is when day and night are an even 12 hours. Equinox means "equal night". The Equinox happens twice a year at the beginning of spring and winter. A Perfect Balance. We spend a lot of time trying to find this "perfect balance" in our lives and place a lot of guilt on ourselves when we don't. Taking a clue from nature and astronomy, we learn perfect balance doesn't happen often. And that life isn't meant to be in perfect balance all the time.

What nature seems to understand is that perfect balance rarely happens and major expansions occur when it isn't a perfect balance. Nature understands that it is always in balance for what ever is occurring. Equinox or perfect balance is the brief moment before the world resets and the next major change occurs. Nature understands that it needs to be a little darker during the winter so the plants, animals and humans may spend time resting in preparation for the spring and summer. Nature understands that death must occur in the fall in order for rebirth to occur in the spring. It also understands that the rebirth and regeneration of spring must occur after the hibernation of the winter.

Could our lives be more peaceful if we realized that balance is an ever-changing flow and not a static moment? There will be times when we need to focus on one area of ours lives more than another. And that is okay. There will be times when we need to sleep and rest more than we may be comfortable with. But that is okay. There may be times when we are in full bloom and others when we are pushing through the "dirt". And that is also okay. Be gentle with yourself. Send kind words and nice thoughts to yourself. And water often.