Tarot, Love and Intuition


I bought my first Tarot deck three years ago. I loved the pictures and their archetypal meanings. I loved the structure of the Tarot compared to my oracle cards.  The cards always provided some needed insight but I was never really consistent with using them. A few months ago, I started using them again as part of my morning rituals. There was a totally different feel to them and how I related to the cards. I realized that over the past few years I had learned to trust my intuition and believe that it had my best interest at heart.

So, last month I participated in Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul's Tarot Challenge. It was the first time I did a tarot challenge. It changed my relationship and understanding of my cards. Up to this point I mainly would pull one card as part of my morning rituals. I had read numerous books on the meanings of the cards and had developed a remedial understanding of how they related to my life. But during the challenge I had to interpret how the cards that were turning up related to the challenge question in front of me. What did the universe need me to understand? What was my intuition trying to tell me? There were some questions I had to sit with for a few days to understand what my soul was trying to get me hear. I had to work HARD for the answers.
Using the cards and questions together, as a tool, greatly challenged me. It required me to drop in deeply and listen intensely to my soul and my ancestors.

So, I decided to try my hand at making a Tarot challenge. I reached out to Lindsay Mack to ask if I could use some of her questions from previous challenges. Thankfully she said yes. Next, I created questions that would help me go deep into areas of my life that were uncomfortable and where I didn't want to tread. Questions that would challenge me to listen to my divine thoughts and my intuition. Questions that would also allow me to expand my tarot knowledge and understanding of the cards.

It is a New Moon Tarot Challenge to acknowledge the nature flow of the universe. The moon, the sun, the seasons and the stars rise and fall without our intervention. Our intuition, our divine energy is a part of this flow. We just need to tap into it and the Tarot is a tool that can help. 

The Instagram Challenge is below. If you want to participate just pull a card to answer the question for the day, post a picture on Instagram and tag the post. If you want to go deeper with Tarot and learn a soul centered approach to Tarot check out Lindsay's eight week Tarot For The Wild Soul immersion. It is open now for registration. The course starts on September 6th. Lindsay is an amazing teacher. Her approach allows you to connect with your intuitive knowing and use Tarot as medicine for the soul. 

Big Hugs and Much Love,