The Beauty in the Dark

I have never been a light, easy women. There has often been a serious, heaviness to how I traveled in the world. I have always longed for answers to the unanswerable questions of life. I love mucking around in the shadow, dark side of life. Even as a little person I desired deep conversations that talked to my soul.

I have always loved the dark side of life. The place where the unmasked, raw truth resides. The place that is scary, dark and there are no night lights to guide you. The dark, shadowy places are where the dirty work of self-realization and self-love occurs. But we must bring what we learn to the light. We can't get stuck in a constant cycle of looking for things to fix or believing that our strength and gifts can only be shared when all our issues have been fixed.

The dark can become comfortable. The struggle can become comfortable. It can become easier to be in an eternal cycle of fixing ourselves than to being presence in life. Yes, there will always be issues that trigger strong emotional responds that we have to learn to navigate. But life should not always be about removing or squashing these triggers or emotions.

There has to be light and we have to stand in that light. We must know that life is about Just Being. Just being bumpy. Just being cracked. Just being bright. Just being amazing flawed. Just being presence. Just being human.