Your revolution will not be televised. Or on facebook, instagram or twitter.

A genuine authentic life is not picture perfect. Hell, it’s actually messy. 

Yes, life is messy but you got this. You just need to remember that you have all of the skills to build the life you desire. One of my special powers is asking the right questions to help you remember who you were before others told you who you had to be.

Before you were told you were too loud, too shy, too smart or just not right. Before you stopped listening and trusting yourself. But you can’t hear it because you are too busy trying to shut up everyone else thoughts. You have got to get back to your TRUTH.

The True you is just waiting for you to take the odyssey back to her. 

This odyssey will take courage, an intimate relationship with fear and space to expand into. Even though this is individual work it shouldn’t be done alone. You will need guidance and kick-in-the-butt reminders that you are sacred and by birthright deserve your desires.

I know these feelings personally and I also know what it feels like to reconnect with my soul and authentic desires. I support women who dare to get dirty to create the revolution of their soul.

When you work with me we dive deep to excavate the things you have been scared to share. We develop a specific customized plan that will help you discover your true desires but also have the steps and space you need to do this work in the midst of your messy, time-constrained life.

You will be asked questions and given work to help you move forward as you discover your desires. You will be held accountable for what you say. You got this. It all is just waiting to be remembered.

I provide anyone interested in working with me a free 30-minute call to explore our working together.

Four 60 min Sessions over 12 weeks via phone or Skype. 

  • Personalized Intake Form

  • Custom meditation or breathing practice after the first session

  • Homework between session

  • Recording of calls, reading list and resource guides

  • Email support in between sessions

Introductory rate: $400