I’m a physician who fell apart in 2012. For the preceding five years I had believed that I could do it all. 

Get married. Have a baby one year after marriage. Relocate, reluctantly, back to my hometown. Leave a job, start a new job. Have another baby 17 months after the first one. Run a business while still continuing to work as a full time physician. Lose business. File for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy tipped me over. I was embarrassed, angry and just tired. I realized that there was no way to continue at this pace. But, I also knew that I still wanted a business of my own and that I had to transition slowly out of my full time position. So, what was a woman to do to stay sane and healthy?

I took classes, read books, asked questions and listened. I needed a practical way to take care of myself. So, I developed a personal, sacred self-care plan. My plan was a trifecta of meditation, yoga and a plant based diet. In the course of making my plan I realized that everyone needed a sacred plan and it had to be personal. No one-fit-all plan would work. 

I wanted every woman to have a sacred self-care plan. So, I created nonjudgmental sacred spaces for women to be able to be honest and honor their sacredness.

I provide women with the tools they need to navigate creating a health, meaningful and purpose driven life.

23 years as a physician, a 200hr yoga teacher certification and a fellowship in Integrative Medicine (combined use of Western and Eastern medicine) have provided me with the credentials to help women. My personal journeys of love, hardship and every day living have given me the passion, skills and knowledge to help women live the peaceful, loving lives they envision.