Self-love Ain't Easy

Self love ain't easy

Self love and self care have become the new buzz word for harried women trying to take care of themselves in a crazy mixed up world.

The terms have become marketer's new way to sell us more things we don't need and the message that we aren't enough. Self love has been painted in this technicolor haze of bubble baths and yoga mats. There often are pictures of the hard shit you had to do over and over again to make it to your yoga mat.

Self love is doing the hard shit because it's what's best for you and you love yourself enough to go through the fire.

 Self love is getting up at 5:30 in the morning when you are not a morning person because it is the only time you can surrender your pain to your yoga mat.

 Self love is going vegan when you love hamburgers because it is the best medicine to fight your battle against breast cancer.

 Self love is leaving your husband, not because the marriage is bad but because it just isn't right.

 Self love is saying no to family gathering because they always leave you raw and broken.

 Self love is telling the world to piss off because you love every curve, bruise and bump on your body.

 Self love is whispering sweet nothings and sending love letters to yourself when you don't, yet, believe what they say.

 Self love ain't easy but it is necessary, revolutionary and worth the struggle.