Who's Ya' Mama!

Easter, 1974

Easter, 1974

I am the daughter of Ruth. Who was the daughter of Clara. Who was the daughter of Hattie. Who was the daughter of former slaves.

I am the daughter of the Earth. I am the daughter of the Suffrage Movement. I am the daughter of the Civil Rights Movement. I am the daughter of the Gay Rights movement. I am the daughter of the Lakota Pipeline Resistance.

We are all the daughters of someone who was also the daughter of someone. And if you are American your people were once immigrants or slaves. In other words, they have been through hell and back to make sure their genetics survived.

We will survive Trump's presidency. Our fight to retain and stand up for our human rights is no different then the generations that came before us. Those generations often shielded us from the fights they had so we could be comfortable. We are no longer comfortable. It's our turn to fight.

Yes, I'm pissed that half of the American population were okay with having a president who appears to hate and fear everybody except rich white men. But then I had to remember that the other half wanted nothing to do with his hate and fear. His election proves that we have made progress toward all Americans having equal right and this scares the shit out of a large part of the population. His election also proves that we have a lot more work to do. And complaining on social media, praying without action and going back to our comfort zone is not going to change anything.

First, we have to take care of our selves. We will not last long in the fight if we are tired, distracted and burnt-out. The changes we want will not happen overnight. It will take a lifetime and we have to be prepared. No one goes to war without preparing their bodies and minds. Now is the time to incorporate meditation, body awareness movement or a plant based diet into you life. I suggest starting with a meditation method that feels right and do it at least three times a week.

Second, we have to put our money and time into organizations that work to make the world a better place. Pick one or two causes, not every cause that touches your heart, and commit to making a change. There are too many injustices to put your energy into every one. This will water down your power. You have to have faith that there are other people fighting for the other injustices and together we will change the world.  

Third, we have to show the next generation how to fight for equal rights for all people. Whether we agree their lifestyle or not. Everyone has the right to just be themselves.  We have to teach them by our daily action not just talk. Children can see through the bull. You need to expose them to a diversity of people, places and experiences.

I promise you we will survive. We are the daughters of our mothers. Who were the daughters of our grandmothers.  We are the daughters of the Earth. And this isn't the first time we have had to fight to survive.